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SuperEasy Methods To Study Every part About Wholesale Jerseys From China

November 14, 2021

Bear coach: quad-saving Sterlbuski is actively facing the first position competition

The outside world is generally believed that Chicago Bear Trading Get Nick Foles is not the replacement of Mitchell Trubisky.

When the guest NFL TV network show, the bear coach Matt Nagy reaffirmed that Tusbuski was in this situation and expected that two quarters will compete with the starting position after the training begins.

“(Tusabi) is actively facing this competition, he is very good in this area,” Nagui said. He accepted this competition. He understood this. We are all good, but we are also human. For & lsquo; well, you will sign other people come and compete with me & rsquo; this is always at the beginning People are surprised. But after that, his reaction is & lsquo; let us start. & Rsquo; “

For a few weeks, Naji has continuously discussed the expectations of the two people who will compete for Falls and Tusabi. However, after the Bear’s Selection of the fifth year of contract options do not implement Tussech, it seems that the bear team is about to usher in a new first quarter.

Of course, the basis of this prediction is that Falls can defeat Tubski with poor performance last season. But Naggi still insists that Trousbuski has a practical opportunity to keep the first position. He said that the latter does respond to the upcoming competition in accordance with the way the team hopes.

Nairi said. “We will compete in the whole team. There are other competition in the current team. Obviously, wholesale jerseys from china the position of the four defense is very important. These two people are very good. I am very excited to see training camp, preseason, and cheap nhl jerseys free shipping new What kind of situation will be. They all deal with this situation well. I think again, when you are honest with people, this makes everything in life, many of the competition, they are good people They will make the competition effect. “

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